No issues with installation at all, as it should be. The effect isn’t pronounced you need a combination of extra bandwidth and an overclocked host bus to take proper advantage of it but the increase does have an effect. You may have to register before you can post: Onto the memory benchmark figures from Sandra. In the following graph, all that is changed is the memory clock via a reboot.

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AC’97 audio via the southbridge is also supported however I’m a fan of proper hardware solutions since I’ve found VIA southbridge provided solutions epix to degrade under high system load whereas a dedicated solution tends not to. We’re looking for the same results here. The addressable bandwidth increases as CPU host clock increases and the memory clock matches or exceeds it.

EPoX 8K7A & AMD XP 1600- Will it work?

Layout is sensible despite with a couple of niggles that are mostly personal rotated socket and slightly goofy ATX power socket placement. The heatsink does the job fine and remained cool to the touch at all times, even under load. The effect isn’t pronounced you need a combination of extra bandwidth and an overclocked host bus 8k7q take proper advantage of it but the increase does have an effect.

Hopefully the A7N because I want to get one but until it is released, who knons.


No souped up Focus is going to going to outhandle a C5 Vette. KT and in epoz, KT will give the system some more memory bandwidth as processor speed marches on but is it enough? Not as feature heavy as others but I think that’s a good thing for the target audience. Think about it like that and you see why the figures are so close together.

Review: EPoX 8K3A – Mainboard –

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Visit a music site I write for: Here’s a cropped screen grab from Sandra showing the effect that a MHz memory wpox host clock has. He won it from a radio station.

At identical clocks, KT and hence the test board will be faster than KT We see that here and it’s as we expected. While the BIOS would tell us we were running asynchrously, none of 8k7aa benchmarks would show us that was the case.

You may have to register before you can post: A 60 point gain I measured over points from some runs doesn’t seem like very much but it happens every time showing you that the memory bandwidth we have extra from KT is helping performance. Not a blue screen throughout testing, no instability unless at the very ragged edge and pushing it to the extreme. However with regular air coolers the socket rotation shouldn’t be an issue. I was a bit hasty in releasing a review of the board where I could see no discernable difference in the two modes since other reviews had shown a difference and a chat with EPoX UK assured me the board did run asynchronous.


They don’t make chipsets and can only 8ka with what they are given. So we’ll take a look at performance from a number of angles.

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Yeah, but even at that posted speed limit, it wont be as fun to drive or corner as well, or get you anywheres near as many chicks. Ummm, it was a joke I hope THPS3 has another kickass soundtrack like 2 did. Tony Hawk 3 demo. Speed will increase by multiplier only.

Of course you are also free to run your clocks synchronously and indeed this can possibly be advantageous since running asynchrously increases memory latency on a DDR memory subsystem. Yes, that’s news to me too.

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Performance as we’ve seen is excellent with only the worries about overall system bandwidth which aren’t EPoX’s fault. It’s a little late now Results 1 to 11 of The board enjoys the 3-phase power circuitry to provide stable overclocks.

What Xxp is really measuring here is the bandwidth the host processor can make use of from what’s available from the memory controller.