There is no set structure to an APN. One way to determine the correct interval is to run the Tinker firmware on your Electron with the APN set. Thank you for a great tutorial. If you have set your APN correctly the Electron should proceed through the normal states: Electron 3rd-party SIM tips Tutorials. Connect the Electron by USB to your computer. For further details see delivery estimates in cart.

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If the Electron never progresses past [blinking green] https: Are you planning to make this article as part of Electron Documentation? The lines are not that clearly drawn, however, and may vary by carrier in a given country.

There are some additional hints below, as well. You can get it by putting the Electron in [listening mode] https: If you have set your APN correctly the Electron should proceed through the normal states: Note those, if they are required, as well. Call Waiting and Caller ID require service from your local phone company. Click that and enter the ,odem ID. So it looks like lectrln setting sticks, but as soon as you completely power down the modem by unplugging the battery or using deep sleep the APN setting will go away.


In fact, the Electron must be in breathing cyan to complete the claiming process.

Electron 3rd-party SIM tips – Tutorials – Particle

The [Particle Electron] https: Simply insert this modem into an available PCI slot on your Windows computer and begin taking advantage of enhanced data transfer rates as this modem supports the V. The Particle SIM has an unusually long timeout of 23 minutes.

Great for home use. The method for activating varies by carrier; you might do this from a web site or with a phone call. Modem on Hold lets you take calls while online without dropping your Internet connection; there’s no need for a second phone line.

Reset the Electron then wait an interval before using a Particle function like:. Thus you should include it in every program that you run on the Electron that uses a 3rd party SIM. Sometimes, however, you may want to use a different mobile provider. Thank you for a great tutorial.

Send faxes from any Windows application, and receive incoming faxes at any time. When mobile devices, including phones and the Electron, connect to the Internet they share a connection through their mobile carrier, similar to how multiple computers in your home share a connection through your home router.


Connect the Electron by USB to your computer. Place your order by 5pm Mon Dec 31 and your order will ship the same day. EIA Class 1 with V. Using the standard setup at [ https: At the bottom of your list of devices is Add New Device button.

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Claiming is discussed below. Put the Electron in DFU mode [blinking yellow] oectron Once configured, features such as Quick Connect get you online fast while Modem on Hold functionality lets you take calls without losing your Internet connection.

The installer and instructions are at the [bottom of CLI page] https: Most carriers use a timeout of between 30 seconds and several minutes. Get online fast with the V. When the Electron sends data to the Particle cloud, the carrier also opens up a reverse channel to allow the Particle cloud servers to send data back to the device. kodem

There are several possible reasons for this:.